Greyhound Foster Home Application

First of all, Greyhound Expressions would like to thank-you for considering of fostering a Greyhound. Fostering is a very important aspect finding forever homes for Greyhounds who are about to enter the adoption community.

Foster homes donate temporary, loving, and responsible homes to Greyhounds until they find their forever homes. The driving need to find Greyhounds responsible forever homes is ever present. As a result, Greyhound Expressions believes all Greyhounds deserve a quality of life and loving homes regardless of age, sex, behavioral issues, injuries, or for whatever reason.

Foster homes take part in a very critical role in the adoption process. The foster family is the first to open their heart and homes to these Greyhounds. The foster family is a Greyhound’s first introduction to life outside of the track. The foster family introduces them to their first impressions of the world, which include: life in the home, how to play, what it feels like to be loved, how to love, the opportunity to run free, and more importantly, how to be a family pet. Just to name a few.

Greyhound Expressions has devised the following application to help us and the potential foster family to determine if you are prepared to provide a foster home to a Greyhound. We extend a warm thnk-you for considering this very important aspect of Greyhound adoption.





FYI, very young children must be taught to respect a greyhounds space. It is the parents responsibility to watch over both children and greyhound. Greyhounds are not brought up around small children. We want everyone safe.

*****If you RENT, you must provide written permission by your landlord or condo association permitting you to have a Greyhound*****


Do you agree to let all cleared potential adopters come to your home and meet your foster greyhound where it is most comfortable for the hounds: FYI - I send you the information so you can call and set up the appointments that work with your schedule and the potential adopters schedule:

Who would primarily care for your foster greyhound:

Does anyone in your home have allergies to dogs:

Do you have any pets that are living with you now (cats, dogs, birds etc):

Please list type, age, gender, and breed:

What are the individual personalities of your current pets:

Are your current pets all spayed/neutered:

Are your current pets up to date on their shots and on monthly heartworm medication:

List all your pets you have owned in the past:

Why are they not with you:

Please list the name and phone number of your Veterinarian:

May we contact your veterinarian:

Please give us the names and phone numbers of 2 personal references that does not live in your home (only 1 family member, please):
1) 2)

May we contact your references : Please let them know that a Greyhound Expressions member will be calling them ahead of time:

FOSTERING A GREYHOUND TAKES SPECIAL CARE, UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE! They have never lived in a home, walked on different floors, had great human companionship, housetraining, and house etiquette. These are just to name a few. Remember we don't know anything about them until we get them from the track. That includes their personalities. Every greyhound experiences a different life from the time they are born until the time they are finished racing. We never know their life experiences, good or bad. All we can do is teach them how to become a family pet and help them overcome any issues they may have. Crating is acceptable as long as it is only used while you are away from home if necessary. Not all greyhounds need to be crated.

Do you understand that the foster greyhound will not be housetrained coming into your home (we don't know how they will act, if they will get into things, etc.):

Are you wiling and able to put in the time and effort in house training the foster greyhound:

Do you agree to take your foster greyhound to and from all necessary veterinarian appointments as needed:

Do you agree to take your foster greyhound to a pet store, park, or Greyhound Expressions event so they can get exposure to all different types of situations and people:

Do you agree to keep in touch with Greyhound Expressions on the ups and downs, medical needs and behaviors of your foster greyhound so we can help if there are issues to solve:

Do you agree to administer heartworm preventative medication to your foster greyhound monthly:

Are you willing and capable of providing funds accompanied with fostering a greyhound:

Do you have any specific age or gender you would like your greyhound to be:

What characteristic(s) do you find undesirable in a foster greyhound:

What characteristic(s) do you find appealing in a foster greyhound:

Are their any concerns you have related to fostering a greyhound :

Have you applied to foster or adopt a greyhound in the past and if so, what other organizations:

Have you ever fostered a greyhound before:

Why do you want to foster a greyhound:

Do you agree to have an in-home interview and property inspection conducted by a Greyhound Expressions representative (this usually takes 2+ hours):

Where did you hear about Greyhound Expressions:

Are all members residing in the household in TOTAL AGREEMENT with fostering a greyhound:

Feel free to use this space for any additional comments and/or concerns regarding fostering a greyhound:

Do you agree that all information on this application is true to the best of your knowledge:

Do you agree to all the terms of this foster home application:

GREYHOUND EXPRESSIONS reserves the right to reject any application or terminate the fostering process for any reason at its discursion.

GREYHOUND EXPRESSIONS is held harmless for any personal damage or injuries incurred while foster/fosters are in your care and keeping.