Forever Homes Pg2

Sinndar family What a picture ! I think that this pictures says it all. Sinndar and Cadence look very happy in their new forever home. Jeremy & Andrea, thanks for caring about your greyts. The town of Petoskey has two new residents.

Congrats to all !

       Sis family sis sis


Oh ! What a birthday party Sis had ! Tom and Trudy presented Sis with her first birthday party ever ! You go furry friend ! Looks like you are enjoying every minute of being a pampered pooch. Diamonds next year ?

Congratulations on your new home Sis, with Tom and Trudy.  

Baby family



Baby Love

Baby has found her forever family  with Frank and Jeri. She is now a resident of Belleville Mi. Baby is doing super in her new home and spends most of her time taking up space on the couch and playing with the three children there. 

Congratulations to all.......



Dennis and Jana

The greyts have found a forever home with Bill & Mary as you see both are adjusting well, teaching everyone the ropes on being a pampered pet. Bill and Mary adopted Dennis and Jana at the same time, and do not regret their decision, at all.

Congratulations to all ! Bill, Mary, Dennis and Jana.

Chilling in the pool.

Cal with a member of his new family, was it love at first sight ? Cal is now a Greyt Champion in his family's eyes.  What's with the tongue Cal, it is cute though.

Mr. Personality is now amusing  his three four legged buddies, and Joe & Kris in Gaylord.  Can you tell by the pictures who Cals new heart throb is ? None other than his gal pal Allissa.