Ginger Snap

DS Apricot, who we call Ginger Snap, just turned three years old. She did not run any races, but she still needed to transition from kennel life to house life. Like most greyhounds coming from the kennels, she found life outside a crate a little unnerving. Figuring out how to walk on the linoleum was the biggest challenge; she adapted well, however, and has become quite comfortable. In her foster home she has been friendly, sociable, of average activity, but a little bit shy. She has a dog door available at all times, but usually only goes outside to take care of dog business. Toys are of passing interest to her, and she does not collect things. Although, she has recently taken a liking to rawhide chews. Cats and kids are all safe in her presence. Riding in a car is no problem; she acts like she has done it her whole life. She lives well with three other dogs; however, she can be a little grumpy with them at times, especially when it comes to her bed. In one sentence, Ginger Snap is a friendly girl who loves hugs, going for walks, and being with her people.