This is DS Kiwi. She is a 3 year old girl whose racing days are behind her. Now she is learning how to transition from kennel life to home life. When she came into her foster home she was a little “green”, but she is learning fast and is settling into the routine of her foster home. Greyhounds generally are very friendly, but Kiwi is far above the average. She loves kids, so much so that she can hardly contain herself. During introductions with kids, care should be taken so that she does not overpower the little ones (greyhounds have a lot of power). Big people get a very warm welcome as well. She loves affection and wants to be with her people all the time, to the point where she can get in the way sometimes. Kiwi is much more active than the average greyhound, and she will busy herself with collecting things or wandering the house if not given enough activity (a restless dog can be destructive). However, if she is given good direction she will follow it. Walking on a lead is very easy; she does not pull at all. There are two whippets and another greyhound in her foster home, and she gets along well with each of them. She does cry easily. The slightest accident or tangle of a leash can get her crying, but she recovers as soon as the problem is fixed. Kiwi is a sweet girl who is fairly active, is easy to walk, and loves people very much."